How do I return Migra Ammunition?
All sales of Migra Ammunition are final and non-returnable.
If my ammunition is defective, what do I do?
Cease and refrain from further use of the shells. Submit an inquiry through email at Info@MigraAmmunitions.com
Can I order directly from Migra Ammunitions?
Yes! You are able to order directly through our website.
Can I get a Migra Ammunitions sponsorship?
Migra is extremely selective of who we work and partner with. If you believe you have what it takes, please apply through our Ambassador application form.
Does Migra Ammunitions have a field testing program?
No, we do not. Migra shells are extensively designed and tested by our engineers
What is the best way to store Migra Ammunition?
Locked in a cool, dry, and safe place out of the reach from children.
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How do I contact Migra Ammunitions?
For general inquiries, please contact us through our Contact Form found on our “Contact” page
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